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Organic Farm Products

Organic Free Range Chicken Eggs
These chickens are loved! they are fed organic greens raised on our property and any of our organic food leftovers as well as organic feed. They free range on our farm and live in both chicken tractors and a Korean farming inspired chicken house. Many of the eggs are blue or green from Americana chickens known for higher nutrient content and lower cholesterol than other breeds. $5 a dozen.
Price: $5.00
Soil Supplement
Algood Organics beneficial micro-organisms soil supplement - this product compares to the much more expensive EM1. Made from certified organic ingredients and good Kohala water it can be used to speed composting and helps soil fertility as well as many other things such as cleaning. It is highly concentrated and makes many gallons. The glass bottle is recycled and can be further recycled. $10 a bottle.
Price: $10.00

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